Candour International Pte Ltd



Current economic conditions have challenge many companies to think out of the box ever more aggressively in order to curb rising costs, control operational overheads, shorten delivery leadtimes and maintain profitability while meeting customers demand and exceeding expectations.

Many companies have outsourced their operations to logistics provider in order to contain costs or improve overall business processes.

Candour International progressively creates service solutions and we combine our capabilities with those of our partners’ both locally and globally in order to provide a diverse range of supply chain and logistics services to our customers. We closely monitor and control all our activities to improve our competitive advantage and increase the operational efficiencies of our customers. We aim to allow our customers to focus on their core business competencies while Candour International strengthens and manages their supply chain.

Candour International Logistics capabilities include:

- Warehousing
- Distribution
- Consolidation
- Inventory Management
- Merge-in-transit
- Pick and Pack
- Customs clearance

Candour International Pte Ltd